Education Perfect Science Championships

By Mrs Doreen Callow | Posted: Thursday September 21, 2017

Recently our students participated in this on-line competition. Our students spent over 168 hours answering 72,773 questions and earning 42,396 points.

GHS was ranked 90th out of the 1,281 schools that took part; 23rd out of 299 NZ schools; and 3rd in NZ for schools in the category of between 251-500 students (out of 66 schools). This is a great achievement for our school.

Top scoring students were awarded with certificates at assembly.

Gold Awards: Madeline Smith – 6,109 points, Jessica Stephens, Ben Williams, Sian Boase and Anne Marie Bendsen.

Silver Awards: Matilda Aguayo Vargas and Liana Karika.

Bronze Awards: Aleisha Wilton-Armitage, Willow Rate, Lexie McCully, Jamie Roberts, Cara Kennedy, Sam Guerin, James Rowley and Lena Temura-Goodman.

In addition to this, we have received $100 to go towards a pizza party.

Well done to all students who took part. A great effort.