GHS Gardens

By Mrs Cynthia Stephens, Gardener | Posted: Thursday October 26, 2017

Over the holidays the ongoing pruning of trees and shrubs in the grounds was completed.

A new area is being established at the back of the Year 7 & 8 play area (the stop bank). Through our paper and recycling efforts for 2016, we were gifted a number of native plants that have been planted there. This was through Paper4trees, and is done every year. Some hebes that I have propagated have also been planted there. In time, this area will be developed and enlarged. 

A kowhai was also planted in a front garden where an old shrub had to be pulled out. Another garden had to be revamped because of the Science Lab refurbishment. I was able to save some area so it's not a complete concrete jungle. A new rhododendron and two camellias have gone into a new garden in that area also. The admin area has some new plantings with lovely scented daphne, rhododendron and some other plants. (Photos are of all of these areas.)

I allow the plants at the school to self-seed and am therefore able to use these plants in new areas and replace older, more tired areas. People in the community have been recipients of some of these self-seeded plants as well.