Primary Industry News

By Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith | Posted: Thursday October 26, 2017

This is a crazy time of the year with everything seeming to happen at once; thank goodness for long weekends and holidays. South Canterbury Anniversary weekend was spent planting 3,000 trees at Hamish & Danette McKeown’s Woodbury property. The students had a good system going where everyone was able to swap around the jobs of soaking & placing out seedlings, planting, making and attaching sleeves.

The holidays saw tailing at Evan & Claire Chapman's and the Aorangi District Young Farmer Competition which we had 3 teams entered in. This was a totally awesome day even though it was wet and pretty cold. Ben Chambers, Unya Squires, Jacob Price, Patrick Foley-Smith, Jakob Stachurski and Jordy Muru competed in pairs in a variety of modules including driving a digger and tractor, quad pre-ride check and ride, measuring antler, wool classing, first aid, drafting and making a film. It was a valuable day and the older Young Farmer competitors were very impressed.

Last weekend saw us car parking at the Winchester Rodeo as part of the School Young Farmer Club on Saturday followed by the last of Chapman's tailing on Sunday. A massive thank you to Evan and Claire for having the patience to let the students work at all the jobs including tailing, B12 injections, scabby mouth scratch, ear tagging and picking up. It was much appreciated.

Interviews have been held for the 2018 intake and the first 8 teams have been entered in the Regional TeenAg competition.

Level 2 took their farmer trainers out for tea to thank them for an amazing year on farm. Tim & Jolene Sowden, Evan & Claire Chapman, Danette and Hamish McKeown, Richard & Jacqui Robinson - thank you so much for making this such a successful year for our students.

Level 3 have almost finished their Feeding & Pastures course and look to be on track to be the top students within the schools cluster group.

We finish the year with one last round of tailing, running the Winchester Rural School Agriskills Day and our BBQ and Prizegiving next week. Our successes have been many and varied this year and could not have happened without the fabulous on-going support from our local farmers and Primary Industry businesses and experts. We are truly grateful that you are able to see the potential of our wonderful teenagers and are so willing to give of your time and expertise.