Bus Timetable

By Mrs Bronwyn Hawkins | Posted: Monday December 11, 2017

Please make a note of the following dates:

The last day the Buses will be running for GHS students is Friday 8th December.  This is the last day of school for all GHS students.

The last day for GPS students will be Thursday 14th December.  Buses will be running in the morning only on this last day.

Bus start dates for 2018:

The Transport Office will be open from Monday 29th January 2018.

Buses will be running from Wednesday 31st January for GPS students.  They will also be running for GHS Year 7 & Year 13 students on this day.  This is the first day of school for both of these year levels.

The full day for all GHS students is Thursday 1st February and all Buses will be running as normal from this day on.

Please Note:

There will be no school Buses running on Waitangi Day 6th February as there is no school on this day.