Chalk Art

By Mrs Cynthia Stephens | Posted: Monday December 11, 2017

Monsters & Gremlins


Year 7

1st Prize - 'Taniwha' - Conor Boase and Caleb Shaw

2nd Prize - Kristin Schonveld, Rebekah Skinner and Charlotte Harding

3rd Prize - Meg Johnston

Most Colourful - Lily Schwalger and Ashlee Roberts

Most Disturbing - Reon Lundie, Angus Flannery and Daniel Gould

Year 8

1st Prize - 'Cookie Monster' - Milly Arras, Christina Boal and Phaedra Cunningham-Lucas

2nd Prize - Katie Moginie, Christine Bendsen and Leah Boase

3rd Prize - Amelia McKeown, Rachel Harford and Brianna Howell

Most Colourful 1st = - Caleb Harris, Flynn Sugrue and Brodie England

Most Colourful 1st= - Lee Voigt and Emma Wood

Most Creative - Ruby Lake, Bella Keeley and Maia Mahuika

Spot Prizes

Cody Wooding

'The Demogorgan' - Gracie Hine Ao Pounamu Snow and Celeste Aguaya

Chalk Art 2017 was a fantastic fun morning with 59 students involved.  Everyone was so supportive of each other which made for a great atmosphere.  There was stiff competition and lots of creativity, imagination and 3D effects.