Sports Leader Awards

By Elsie Talbot, Year 7 | Posted: Monday December 11, 2017

This term 7Wi have been striving towards achieving their Sports Leader Award. We had to do many hours of planning and preparing ourselves for two days of teaching Year 2 students at Geraldine Primary School. Our aim was to develop our skills of communicating clearly, teaching new games and becoming great leaders.

In preparation we had to plan in detail what we were going to do and practice presenting our activity in front of the class. Once we were standing in front of the class we realised just how hard it was. After teaching the class our game, we went straight back to class to review and reflect on our activity, looking at the positives and negatives and what we could do to improve.

The day finally arrived to teach the students. We traveled by foot to the Primary School. On the way we stopped by the park to eat our lunch and then we were off again. By the time we reached the Primary School it was 1:00pm. I was not teaching my game this week so that meant my job was to assess my classmates and also lead the children between games. The next week it was my turn to teach. My original two games were Cops & Robbers and Square Ball. Then in the second round after a trial and a big error we changed it to Long Ball. Then in the third and final round, it was getting too hot for the Year 2’s, so we changed Cops & Robbers to Sleeping Lions.

I think that overall everyone has got something out of this, whether it was how to teach a certain game or how to make it enjoyable for everyone. The one thing I would change though would be to have more times to practice teaching our skill. I am positive that next year’s Year 7’s will enjoy it.