Passion Project

By Ms Maria Heitkonig | Posted: Monday December 11, 2017

In Term 4 this year 9G chose to experiment with the idea of ‘Passion Projects’. These are group projects that allow the students to choose a particular area of interest and develop a project or product. The class were required to align their project to the Key Competencies and make a connection to the local community.

The students formed groups, chose and refined an area of interest and went to work. The projects covered a range of interests. These included a group, Emma, Lottie, Taya and Alex, who visited Mackenzie Health Care to host a therapeutic colouring class. Another group, Harlan, George, Robert and Sam created a short Christmas film which they presented to the residents of Waihi Lodge (click this for the video). Matthew, Sam, Jack and Justin created a film designed to make Year 8's feel comfortable with the transition into Year 9. This link will take you to their film

The short film created by Quinn, Rhys, Charles and Harry explored the difference between the perceptions and reality of life at school and included an interview with Mr Coleman. Kieran’s group created a presentation that showcased the New Zealand outdoors and encouraged visitors to come to our country and explore our beautiful land and cultures. Ryan, Alex and Jack Reith chose to focus on relaxation and looked at what had changed and what had stayed the same over the years. Gabriella and Hazel explored the six problems with assumptions and created a website which is available on Wix for children and adults to view. Geordie, Jacob, Marcus and Finn created a short film promoting football around the school. Libby, Courtney and Sophie created a website with Wix about social media.

The Passion Projects have been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my teaching this year. I was particularly impressed with the way the groups organised themselves, worked without supervision and showed evidence of creativity and critical thinking as they developed their ideas. Many staff at Geraldine High School and the Geraldine community commented on the focus and work ethic of the students. 9G can be proud of this, and their contribution to the wider community.