Year 10 Challenge Prize Giving

By Ms Martina Fellman, former GHS pupil | Posted: Monday December 11, 2017

The following is the speech made by former GHS pupil Martina Fellmann at the Year 10 Challenge Prize Giving held recently.

Well done on completing the Year 10 Challenge. I’m sure this tested you in certain areas both individually and having to work as a team. Having the set criteria and harangue of challenges to complete would have given you a lot of opportunities to test yourself. So opportunities was really the main thing I wanted to talk to you about today.

I have always liked reading and collecting inspirational quotes. One of my earliest and favourites I came across was:

“Life is like a flowing river of opportunity. It's up to you whether you stand up with a bucket or a spoon”

You may not realise it now but you are all very lucky to be in this environment at Geraldine High School. There are so many opportunities offered to you and it is really encouraged for you to get out there and give things a go. Be it sports, agriculture and primary industries, joining the ski academy, maths and speech competitions, being in the musical or drama production, learning a musical instrument, ……... Choosing to do these takes a level of commitment and time management to make sure this doesn’t get in the way of still completing your school work and having time to do your chores at home for example. Those two skills are hugely important and will help you through your years doing NCEA and also set you up for much beyond your time at GHS.

When I was at GHS I took part in everything! There was just so much on offer I was always keeping busy with sports, music and keeping up academically. I loved being involved and have made many friends especially through sports. Leaving GHS in 2009 I went to the UoA to study a Bachelor of Optometry. Ive now been an Optometrist for 3 years, working in Timaru and I love my job especially the interaction I have with people each day. This is balance out with a heavy involvement in Triathlon. I've had the opportunity to race in places all over the world and although I race at an amateur level, the opportunity to race athletes from all over the world and experience different places is one I am truly grateful for.

So what you take on now and in the years ahead at GHS will fill you with plenty of skill, experience and opportunity. Just remember that choosing the bucket will catch much more of that than just a spoon.