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By Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith | Posted: Monday December 11, 2017

Shearing exhibition and lesson from World Champions Phil and Allan Oldfield

Geraldine High School Primary Industry class had a shearing exhibition and lesson from World Champion Phil Oldfield & his son Allan.  This was an invaluable experience being able to learn from two shearers of such high calibre. The class used Austin Guerin's wee mob to practice on with ring-ins from other Geraldine residents. Students started with learning how to set up the hand piece followed by a demo then everyone shore a sheep each. Patrick, Cameron and Zettlin crutched all the lambs under Phil & Allan's supervision.

The father & son team shear in Australia, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Spain Uk & Europe. They were pretty quick but some of our students were in danger of the wool growing faster than it came off! But we all have to start somewhere and after being initially a bit star struck having these big guns watching their every move, students were able to settle in and find their rhythm. The general consensus was that blades were far easier to use than a machine.

We are hugely grateful to Phil & Allan for offering their time and are very appreciative of their advice and guidance.