From the Principal

By Mr Simon Coleman | Posted: Thursday April 12, 2018

Tena koutou,

I hope you had an enjoyable break over Easter and that you enjoy the upcoming school holiday break. This is an opportunity for your son or daughter to recharge themselves after a very busy Term 1 as well as spend some time with their family and friends.

So what a term we have had! We have had a range of camps, the Shakespeare Festival, Athletics and Swimming days and regional competitions, House competitions, Triathlons, Yr10 Challenge days, Winter Sports trials, our PTA Rogaine as well as many more along with a range of classroom activities supporting our core business of academic progress for all our students.

Geography/History Singapore and Cambodia Trip

We wish our students and staff, Mr Billy Cosgriff and Mrs Sarah Harrison, well as they head away on Saturday to Singapore and Cambodia for the holiday break. This trip is a great opportunity for the students as the staff have ensured it is both a cultural experience for all involved but also directly related to in-class learning as many of the Achievement Standards they are doing this year relate to this trip. Thank you to anyone involved in supporting the fundraising efforts to get them to Asia.


As has been the tradition over the last few years, we encourage all our students to attend this important event as we remember those who gave their lives to the war. We have the local remembrance at 9am on Wednesday 25th April. Any students would like to be part of our school representative group are to meet at 8.45am in the library car park in school uniform.

Rotary Leadership Evening

Earlier this week, our Head Girl Jasmine Wells and Deputy Head Girl Maisie Fisher and I attended the Timaru Rotary evening with other secondary schools to have dinner with this group and hear from the Mayor, Mr Damon Odey. It was a wonderful occasion and I was extremely proud of how well our 2 student leaders connected so easily with this older group of people as well as with both the Mayor and other student leaders at this function. This is indicative of what I often see and hear about our students who are both respectful and easily able to converse with a wide range of ages and people.

Short Stay International Groups

Over the latter part of this term we have been fortunate to have 2 short term international groups, one from Japan and one from Thailand, visiting our school. These students have been appreciative of the support in school they have received and particularly their homestay families and school student buddies. On behalf of Mrs Kerri Doy, our International Director, Mrs Gislinde Folkerts, our Homestay coordinator and I, we would like to thank all those involved in providing such a rewarding experience for these students.

Outdoor Education

This term has been a busy one in the Outdoor Education area as we have had Yr 10 High Ropes day, Yr 9 Camps and the expedition-style trips for the Yr 12 and 13 Outdoor Education classes which were to Hurunui and Lake Hawea. A sign of the success of these trips is what the students return saying and these have all been categorised as both positive and exciting activities and the students have gained a real sense of achievement from these opportunities. My thanks to the many staff involved in all of these activities, whose help has ensured that our students get the benefit of personal growth from these events.

Mrs Rachael Linklater

Mrs Rachael Linklater, one of our Yr 8 Homeroom Teachers and leader of our Biculturalism focus for the last 2 years, is leaving at the end of Term 2 this year as her family move to Fairlie where her husband has gained a position. Mrs Linklater has secured a job at Fairlie Primary school.  Our loss is their gain as the have gained a highly motivated, passionate teacher as part of their team. We certainly will miss the contributions she has made to Geraldine High School.  We will be advertising for this position over the holidays.

School Charter Consultation

We intend to relook at our School Vision, Values and Goals as part of our 3 year process in the direction that our school takes to ensure we are doing the very best for our students. In late Term 3 and early Term 4 we will be surveying our school community and students on what they believe is the most important areas for these groups as we look to plan for the next 3 years. We do hope that you will all contribute to this to ensure we are all working together for our students academic progress and future goals.

New Principal of Carew Peel Forest

This week, I was part of the interview panel for the appointment of the Principal for Carew Peel Forest school which is part of our shared Geraldine High School and Carew Peel Forest School Board of Trustees. It is with pleasure that we have appointed Mrs Sharon Ketter who is currently the Deputy Principal at Wellsford School. We look forward to working with her and Carew Peel Forest when she starts at the beginning of Term 3.

Finally, I wish all our students a well deserved break and time to prepare for the term ahead and hope that there is also some family time over the two weeks ahead. See you all on Monday 30th April for our Term 2 start.

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa