Open Day Speech

By Maisie Fisher, Deputy Head Girl | Posted: Sunday May 27, 2018

The following speech was given by Deputy Head Girl Maisie Fisher during Open Day last week

Kia ora everyone, my name is Maisie and I am the Deputy Head Girl here at Geraldine High School. I have been at Geraldine High School since Year 7 and have loved my time here due to the endless opportunities that are available for students. Our school offers such a wide range of activities from sporting to academic to cultural that I have loved being involved in throughout my whole High School journey. 

I have played sports every year at school which include hockey, netball, volleyball, touch rugby, tennis and skiing. Something that I really love about sports at Geraldine High School is that there is always the option to play socially and just have a bit of fun or you can take it to a much higher level and play in competitive competitions.

Cultural opportunities here at Geraldine High School are always available for students of all abilities also, I have been involved in many of the Lip Sync competitions here at school which is always a popular event for students and the community.

I recently went to Cambodia and Singapore on a trip that the school has been organising and planning for the past 2 years. This experience was so incredible and was well worth the two year build up of planning and fundraising. This trip was a cultural experience that I can’t compare to anything else and also relates directly back to the learning I am doing in both History and Geography this year. Other cultural events I have been involved with are the Easter Baskets that the school makes and delivers every year, the WeB committee and Student Council. All of these groups have been great experiences for me that I can definitely say I have learnt and grown from.

I have also been given the opportunity at Geraldine High School, along with all the other students here, to succeed academically. In the two years of NCEA so far I have gained merit endorsement and excellence endorsement. This has been possible due to the endless support that the teachers at Geraldine High School offer to any student who wants to succeed. We are very lucky here to have teachers who care so much about all of the students getting good grades and achieving their best.

One of my 6 subjects that I take this year and also last year is Outdoor Education. You can only take Outdoor Education when you are in Year 12 and 13 but it is something that I am so proud to be a part of and so lucky to have available to me. Through Outdoor Education I have gone snow caving, tramping, white water kayaking and rafting and also rock climbing. Outdoor Education has made my love for the outdoors grow and has led me on to get my Grade 2 Raft Guiding Certificate with Rangitata Rafts. This is an example of how our school does so much more than offer a programme for students, it also helps offer a pathway to set students up for life.

All of these activities and events that I have spoke about today are all examples of ways that students can be involved in the school culture here at Geraldine High School. These are only my experiences and there are so many more opportunities in different areas that may be of interest to each individual. The reason why I have spoken about all of my experiences is to make a point that if you are prepared to put your hand up and give things a go, you can get so much more out of your schooling experience here at Geraldine High School. I have absolutely loved my journey at Geraldine High School, it has been both positive and one with so many opportunities to grow due to the fact that I have made the most of the opportunities that this school makes available to its students.