From the Principal

By Mr Simon Coleman | Posted: Thursday August 9, 2018

Tena koutou

It is hard to believe we have already finished our third week this term and with this is also a sense of a concentrated effort from both staff and students to ensure that we give our very best to the remaining seven weeks of this term. It is important that our senior students take this time seriously as it is typical of the exam times at University or the apprenticeship work required in a trade or the commitment of a full working day in a future job that lies ahead whether it be 4 months ahead or 2 years and 4 months. 124 days are remaining for 2018. For all our Year 11-13 students this is something to be mindful of, as these can slip by very quickly if our students are not focused.

I attended the Secondary Principals discussion with the Education Minister, Mr Chris Hipkins and the Lead Reviewer of Tomorrow’s schools, Mr Bali Haque on Monday so that we had the opportunity to respond to the NCEA review which is currently underway. It was exciting to see the passion for our education system from over 150 Principals that were present and to share thoughts on how we think the NCEA system can be improved for our learners in the coming years. This is the first time since NCEA started in 2002 that there has been a review of this kind.

If you haven’t been able to respond to the survey sent out with the link below for your view on NCEA as a parent perspective then I encourage you to do so as one clear theme in place from Minister Hipkins is that all views will be heard and collated so that there is a full cross section of our country considered.

School Ball

Wow! This has been the reaction of many on seeing the Ball setup 'Welcome to the 20's'. Our School Ball is something that our senior students should be extremely proud of as the level of preparation is second-to-none.

Thanks to the fantastic organisation, creativity and sheer hard work of the Student Ball Committee along with Ms Eliza Williams, Miss Paige Richmond and Mr Stuart Wilcox and the numerous staff that were present to assist on the night to have made it such a success. Every year the standard gets better and better and showcases the talents of our students and the friendly, inclusive atmosphere that are hallmarks of our school. Well done to all involved.

Conferencing, Careers and Course Subject Evening

This week has seen the conference day which is an important time to have conversations with your son or daughter, their Vertical Form Teacher and yourselves on progress being made, possible future course choices and the range of career pathways available to them. This is part of our Strategic Goal ‘All students are supported to identify a pathway of learning that is relevant to them and focused on their future success’ and ties in with the pathway assemblies, sector days, pathway expos and regular discussion on students strengths, passions and engagement throughout High School so that informed choices are made on your son or daughters future. My thanks to Mr Grant Rogers and all our staff for their preparation for these meetings and to all parents that attended.

Principal Days

The last few weeks, I have been away at the Universities Principal days for Victoria, Canterbury and Otago speaking to student teachers about the teaching vocation. There is a huge shortage of teachers in New Zealand and this will need to be addressed by the Government as a matter of priority. However, the quality of these trainees I have met are the highest I have seen in many years. They are passionate and committed to teaching. Many I spoke to see it as a vocation and want to make a difference in our young people’s lives. This is very encouraging from my perspective as we will always be looking for teachers particularly given the ageing teacher population that is in front of us for the next five years.

Open Day

This is the time of the year when schools have their Open Days and ours is on Friday 17th August starting at 10.30am. I believe we are the best Year 7 to 13 Coeducational School in our region and encourage you - our parent community, to speak about the strengths of Geraldine High School from your own perspective through sharing your own experiences that your son or daughter has had with us.

Why do I believe we are the best? Because that is what I hear regularly. Our students' manners, their caring and thoughtful nature, their passion and successes in all fields that through the commitment of our staff along with your support as parents, produce amazing and diverse students for the world we live in. Our students are and will continue to be significant contributors to our global society in many different fields and that is something to be very proud of.

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa.