Farewell from Hayato

By Hayato Kimura | Posted: Thursday October 25, 2018

Hayato Kimura from Tokyo was a student at GHS for 8 months. Below is his recount of his experience at GHS

I have attended Geraldine High School from the beginning of Term 1 to end of Term 3. GHS is so good school. I’ve experienced a lot of things. There are some different country students, I could learn not only NZ culture but also some other countries culture.

GHS has buddy system for international students. I’d like to introduce my buddy a bit. His name is Taylor Scott. He is a so good man: funny, kind and friendly. He is my first and best friend in NZ. If he was not my buddy, I wouldn’t enjoy GHS life, he is such an important friend for me. He helped me a lot, I really appreciate him. I recommend to be good friends with your buddy.

Mrs Doy helped me so much. If you want to do something, for example teach your first language, you should tell her and ask to do that. I could teach Kendo to some students thanks to her. She booked the classroom to do this, she put the information about it on notices etc. She also helps you to join any volunteer work.

I’ve hanged out with my friends after school. Actually, it was my first time to do it. In Japan, I couldn’t do it because of school rule and me and my friends houses are far away, lots of reasons. However, in Geraldine, basically everyone lives near the school so we went to supermarket after school and buy something to eat and drink then went to park and hanged out. It is one of my best memory in Geraldine.