Student Council 2016

By Ms Adele Quinn, Acting Deputy Principal | Posted: Friday February 19, 2016

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected onto the Student Council for 2016.

We also want to acknowledge and thank all those other students who were prepared to put their names forward for these positions.  There were a large number of high quality applicants.  We wish the Student Councillors all the best for 2016 and look forward to them representing the student body.


AHs - George Gallichan and Brooke Dwyer

AWe - Chyvana Wereta-Sherriff and Connor Leov

AMa - Grace Bradleyand Grace Williams

APm - Magenta Cunningham-Lucas and Brenna Coster

AMk - Emma Horn and Amelia Woodley

AMn - Samantha McHaffie and Georgina Sullivan

AHk - Dianne Cardeno and Liana Karika


CCw - Pema Gyeltshen and Taylor Gallagher

CHt - Matthew Morgan and Amelia Houston

CAn - Kirby Brown and Angel Danford

CDe - Annabel Smith and Karma Gyeltshen

CSy - Levi Wilton and Jamie Roberts

CHg - Joe Goring and Madeleine Smith

CDo - Liam Thompson and Cara kennedy


MRs - Harry McFarlane and Rylee Cowan-Kitto

MRo - Zoe Scott and Dakota McMahon

MRy - Connie McFarlane (Year 10) and Aliiyah Gordon-Wilson

MSa - Callum Patrick and Hannah Wilson

MHy - Anna-Kay Cressy and Lydia Burnett

MBg - Mackenzie Fraser and Saskia Finlayson-Hood

MMc - Senior Martin Mulinge and Marcus Furrer


TPr - Jack McLeay and Emma Rowley 

TCf - Terri Chapman and Sean Roberts

TPl - Tessa Boal and Leah Webb

TMe - Tiffany Lineham and Eilish Walther

TKs - Margrethe Bendsen and Jantzen Quiambao

TLd - Karli Adams-Stachurski and Tessa Orange

TCm - Louise Newark and Jaffar Nuru