From the Principal

By Mr Simon Coleman | Posted: Friday September 27, 2019

Tena koutou

Looking back over this term, it has been our usual busy time of events, both in and out of school, internal assessments along with enrolments for 2020, staffing and sorting courses and timetabling for next year.

It is vital that all our students particularly in Years 10-12 have made course selections that are well considered so that we can be as well prepared as possible for the start of 2020. Another aspect of this is knowing if any student is not returning to school next year as this provides a place for a new student due to our enrolment zone. If you know that your son or daughter is not returning, please contact the School Office as soon as you can.

Miss Cate Knowles

Many of you will know Miss Knowles for her enthusiasm, sense of humour, kindness, and her unfailing commitment to the well being of every student and staff member at Geraldine High School.

In her three years as Deputy Principal, Miss Knowles has inspired and motivated staff and students to be the best they can be. Her leadership of areas such as Professional Learning and support of innovations such as the introduction of the Sports & Cultural Awards will have a lasting impact on our school.

As a teacher, Miss Knowles shows her passion for her subject and for her students. She will be sorely missed by her class and I suspect she has developed a secret passion for tractors.

On behalf of our staff, BOT, and the students of our Geraldine community, we would like to wish you all the best for your future career. Our loss is Epsom Girls Grammar’s gain.

Senior Leadership appointments

We have been advertising a number of roles recently and I am pleased to let the community know we have appointed Mr Ryan Wilson to the Deputy Principal position for 2020. Mr Wilson is currently the Head of Middle School at Ashburton College and has previously been acting Deputy Principal in previous years. Mr Wilson brings a range of experiences in pastoral, systems and curriculum and previously been Head of Health and PE.

Farewell Mr Mark Kinder

Our Technician and previous Teacher Aide, Mr Mark Kinder, has accepted a role with OT at the Timaru Hospital and leaves at the end of this Term. We think this is a wonderful career opportunity. Mr Kinder has been a staff member at Geraldine High School since 2007. In his roles as Teacher Aide and as a technician in the technology and visual arts areas, he has brought great skills and experience that have made a significant difference to the operation of these areas. We thank him for his efforts and contributions over this time and wish him all the best in this new role.

Being Upstanders

Last week we had a special assembly for all our students where I spoke to the school about the importance of valuing all the differences that every student and member of staff bring to the culture of our school community. We used our staff and students from a range of different countries as an example of the differences we do have in our school.

The assembly was to highlight that we are all different individuals and that we need to acknowledge and accept each others differences with respect. It was also to empower our students and staff to be upstanders to those who do not respect each other and to not allow certain comments or behaviours to continue. In simple terms - if we allow students to speak rudely to others, then by not doing anything about it, we are condoning this behaviour even though we know it is wrong.

Student Leaders 2020

This week we have been interviewing a number of Year 12 students for roles on the Student Exec for next year. This is a comprehensive process where students write a bio on themselves, speak to the school in an assembly, students and staff vote and finish with an interview.

This is a rewarding experience as we get to speak to a group of students leaders and hear what their aspirations are, what they would like to do to give back to the school and what are the great aspects of Geraldine High School. We have students who have huge pride in our school and many of them spoke about the range of opportunities they have had access to, as well as, the support they have had from so many of our teachers.

Looking at the students who have put their names forward, I have no doubt that we have a great year ahead of us in 2020 with this calibre of Student Leaders.

This is our last newsletter before the holiday break, and I wish all our families a relaxing break and for our students to take the opportunity to be with family and friends. Our seniors also need to take this time getting prepared for our school exams at the start of Term 4 along with completing any internal assessments as needed.

Noho ora mai.