Career Guidance

Careers Education

Our aim for Careers Education at Geraldine High School is to systematically help all students achieve personally satisfying and socially productive roles in their life beyond school through working alongside them to build up a detailed knowledge of their individual skills, attitudes, abilities, and interests, and helping them find out how these might be applied for future success in further education or the work place.

What Do We offer?

We provide comprehensive career education for students through individual counselling, a range of vertical form and classroom programmes, career-related subject options, and the provision for attending careers-related events and opportunities both on- and off-site. Senior (Year 11-13) subject choices include the opportunity to select Gateway, STAR, and other courses from outside providers which can help provide vocational training and experiences.

The Careers Team

An experienced team is available for the support of all students as they explore career options and begin to make future career plans.
Careers Dean/Gateway Co-ordinator – Anita Body: [email protected]

The school has a well-resourced Careers area in the Library and provides ready access to computers for careers enquiries. Students are encouraged to develop self-knowledge and construct individual career plans through subject-related programmes, the New Zealand Careers website, and the use of various planning and investigative tools. The Careers staff are members of the regional Careers and Transition Association. They also use the New Zealand Careers Service to keep up-to-date with current trends and best practice.

Active Support for Students

Vertical Form Teachers play an active part in assisting students to make informed decisions around subject choice and career ideas. Subject booklets are also provided for students and their parents to help with this important process.

Careers Planning, Curriculum Vitae, and Leavers Testimonials

All Year 13 students and other school leavers receive careers planning interviews and whatever follow-up may be required during their final year at school.

There is an expectation that all students will leave school with a curriculum vitae underway. They are helped to construct this and encouraged to update it regularly in the future.

We also provide all senior school leavers with a detailed testimonial, outlining their special skills, qualities and future potential.