Education Perfect: Free trial of Education Perfect coming to an end

By Mr Jason Shaw | Posted: Tuesday April 21, 2020

Thank you to all who have shown interest in purchasing Education Perfect for this year. Little did we know how useful it would become! It has also been wonderful receiving a lot of positive feedback about how effective it has been to assist students in continuing to learn online and to be able to easily assist those who have had any queries around this online resource.

Education Perfect were very gracious in extending their offer of a free trial to our students until the end of April. Now that the free trial has expired, if you have not purchased Education Perfect for the year, your child won’t be able access this material. You can, however, still purchase this if you discover your child would benefit from its use. To do so please use the same procedure for payment as recommended – online to the school office with the following details:

Westpac Geraldine 03-0839-0064018-00

Reference: Student Name Code: EducPerf

If circumstances mean that you need to pay for this later in the year, please email Mr Shaw (see contact details below) so that he can ensure that your child remains registered.

For those who has purchased Education Perfect already – if your child has difficulties logging on to this at any time, please email Mr Shaw ( [email protected] ) who can reset any forgotten passwords, etc.