Outdoor Education

By Mr Hayden Titchener | Posted: Tuesday April 21, 2020

Murchison Rafting 2020

Rafting and kayaking in Murchison seems like an eternity ago! We made it back about 4 days before the lock down. The Year 13 Outdoor Ed team was made up of Archie, Lydia, Sam, Bridget, Ripleigh, Oliver, Louis, Ollie, Jamie, Cameron, Bailey and Zion. We based ourselves at the Murchison Riverside Campground and spent most of our time on the Buller River. We had fantastic weather and the team managed themselves really well. The focus was the rafting unit standard but we also had some kayakers that swapped between the two. We had a day of rescues which included jumping, swimming, throw bagging and strong swimmer rescues. Students learn to give safety briefs and all the commands to help navigate down grade 2 white water. It was amazing to see their confidence grow throughout the week. I couldn't have had such a successful week without the help of Peel Forest Outdoor Centre Instructors Slee Larcombe (Ex GHS student) and Paddy Tucker. They were both really impressed with the students and their abilities on the raft and around the campground. Thanks for a great week Team!

Students Complete Grade 2 Rafting Guide Certificates

Congratulations to Archie Chisholm and Sam Guerin who spent just about every weekend they could over the summer gaining the skills to pass and have done it!

A huge thanks to all the Rangitata Rafting guides who have worked with them. For those that don't Know Rangitata Rafts has had to close their doors for 12-18 months due to C19 hopefully they will be back as it employs people in our local area, gives people the chance to paddle grade 4/5 and is a fantastic opportunity for the GHS students.