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Code: L1SCI

Course Description 

This course is a study of natural phenomena. It investigates theories and uses experimental simulations to explain and extend our understanding of the world around us. It comprises a mixture of practical and theoretical aspects. Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Planet Earth will be selected from for our Level 1 course.

Note that students MAY be surveyed later in the year as to their preferred course, which will have different focuses and assessment methods. 

Vocational Pathways: Construction and Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Technology, Primary Industries, Social and Community Services, and Creative Industries.


16 – 20 credits selected from the list below


  • 70935: Practical Physics investigation (4 credits) (Numeracy)
  • 90925: Biological Investigation (4 credits) (Numeracy)
  • 90926: Report on a biological issue (3 credits) (Literacy)
  • 90941: Implications of electricity and magnetism for everyday life (4 credits) (Numeracy)
  • 90943: Implication of heat in everyday life (4 credits) (Numeracy)
  • 90946: Properties of metals for their use in society (4 credits)
  • 90947: Selected chemical reactions (4 credits)
  • 90949: Investigate life processes and environmental factors that affect them (4 credits)
  • 90950: Interactions between Humans and Micro-organisms (4 credits)
  • 90954: Effect on planet Earth of astronomical cycles (4 credits) (Literacy)


  • 90940: Aspects of mechanics (4 credits) (Numeracy)
  • 90944: Aspects of acids and bases (4 credits)
  • 90948: Biological ideas relating to genetic variation (4 credits) (Literacy)


Up to $24 for a Workbook(s) (optional) Individual topic workbooks can be purchased for $8.50 each.

Entry Criteria

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