Year 8

By Sam Morrison and Innes Hanrahan 8We | Posted: Thursday May 26, 2016


In the last 2 weeks of last term, 8We were set a task to complete an invention that had never been invented.

The criteria was that it had to be:

  • made from recycled things
  • have one moveable part
  • and be useful

When we had finished either making a model or making the actual thing, we had to make a magazine advert for our product.  In the advert we had to include a jingle and the price.

We worked in groups of 2 and came up with some awesome ideas.  A few of these were:

  • a supermarket trolley with blinkers
  • a bionic hand
  • a chop and drop board 
  • doggie investors

By Sam Morrison

During term 1 we studied about people who came to NZ from Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. We learnt about how bad the conditions were, and the different lives the rich and the poor had.

Later on we picked an occupation that the early NZ Settlers had.  These included gum digging, timber milling, farming and gold prospecting.

We all found it really interesting and would like to learn more.

By Innes Hanrahan