From the Acting Principal

By Mr Grant Rogers, Acting Principal | Posted: Friday April 7, 2017

Mā te whanaungatanga e ora ai te tangata mō ake tonu.
Positive relationships are essential to lifelong learning.

It is hard to believe the term is almost over, it has gone so fast. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and students who are attending the Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews on Monday. It is always wonderful to see so many parents engaged and interested in their children's learning. It is a great opportunity to find out more about the areas that the students should be focusing on to move forward. For those parents who are unable to attend, I strongly encourage you to contact your children's teachers and find out the next steps for your children. As your children navigate the critical teenage years, the engagement and understanding you have of their experience at school will help their progress and development. A big thank you to all teachers for the work and time they all spend preparing and conducting these interviews.

The musical Seussical is also about to hit the stage. Well done to everyone who has been involved in whatever capacity, but in particular may I express my appreciation to Mrs Lindroos and Mr Shaw who have collectively directed the show and also to all the students involved, you deserve a big pat on the back. A production of this magnitude is the culmination of many hours of work by many people, so to the actors and actresses, musicians, the technical crew and all involved in set design, construction, promotion, backstage, make-up and costuming, well done.

The students who are putting themselves out there and getting involved in such events as ‘Seussical’ reminded me of an interview in the New York Times with Laszlo Bock, Vice-President of People Operations for Google. It was regarding the criteria that Google uses to select people to work for them. In summary, a large part of the interview talked about the increasing importance of soft skills – The skills that employers look for at the top of their list were “leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability, teamwork and loving to learn and re-learn.”

Involvement in a production such as Seussical, or being a member of a music or sporting group, is central to the development of these attributes and is the reason why all students should be finding the time for such pursuits.

I hope that our students use the April holidays not only as an opportunity to ‘recharge their batteries’ but also to reflect on their efforts in the first term with a view to setting goals for both inside and outside the classroom. The key to their success is to have some balance in their lives: we have a large number of students who make an incredible contribution to the life of the school in so many different ways and this is a special aspect of the school. However, it is important not to lose sight of their priorities and to ensure that they are able to manage their time wisely. In the senior school, the academic rigour which comes with completing NCEA assessments/ assignments for example, does prove to be a real challenge for some and results in exposing some deficiencies in the students’ ability to get organised and to plan ahead. It needs to be remembered that support from the subject teacher, Vertical Form teacher, Pastoral, Academic and Careers Dean can go a long way in providing a counterbalance to these challenges.

Finally, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the parents who gave up their weekend to organise the Geraldine Rogaine (GRAM) PTA event. A special thank you to all the PTA members, without you, such events and support for the High School does not happen.  We are so lucky to have such a proactive PTA. A massive shout out must also extend to Mike and Janet Harding, who without their knowledge and hard work, this event just would not happen. Further thanks needs to go to Marie Rowley and Sarah Patrick for looking after all the First Aid and the Peacock family for such a great venue. With over 400 teams this was an event well supported by our community and sponsors. Special thank you to: Earthworks Aoraki Ltd, Four Peak Health, Barkers, LJ Hooker, Z Energy, McCain Foods Ltd, Green Man Creative, Bivouac, Latitude Magazine, Glen Shaw Builder, Clearwater Organic Dairy, Books and Gifts Direct, Linton Distributors, Debbie Oliver-Avon, 4 Peaks Fitness, Redpaths.

Grant Rogers, 
Acting Principal