Year 10-13 Parent-Teacher Conferencing

By Mr Grant Rogers | Posted: Thursday August 10, 2017

Monday 21st August, 10.30am - 8.00pm

No classes will be held on this day.

One crucial ingredient to ensuring that your child achieves their personal best is the Parent-Teacher-Student Conference.

The conference provides a unique opportunity to assemble the three groups who have the greatest influence on student achievement; the whånau, students and teachers.

On the day of the conference, each student and whånau will have an extended 20 minute session with the form teacher outlining a snapshot of the cultural, pastoral, academic and sporting progress of your child thus far in 2017 and their career pathway beyond GHS.

Additional meetings may be arranged on the day with the Principal’s Nominee, Grant Rogers, who is responsible for NCEA and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team will also be available throughout the day to discuss any pressing issues you may have.

  • The Hall will be set up for Careers Day, with information for Year 10-13 students.

  • For Year 10, 11 and 12, they need to be thinking about their course selections for next year and their Career Pathways.

  • For Year 13 to be thinking about their next steps out of High School.

  • The Library will host seminars for parents and students regarding NCEA (1pm and 6pm) and Career Pathways (1:30pm and 6:30pm).

  • Conferencing interviews will replacing the senior interviews for Year 10 - 13. These interviews will focus on:

    • How life at school is going

    • Academic Information and progress

    • Attendance

    • Pastoral issues

    • Subject choices

    • Career pathways

How do I book:

Please make your booking on-line using the School Interviews web site. You will need to ensure you know the Vertical Form Teacher.

Go to:

In the Green box labelled Parents; Event code; type in the code f8t72 click Go and follow the instructions provided.

We look forward to catching up with you on 21st August and working together to create a plan that will ensure personal levels of success for your child in 2017.