Principal's Awards

By Mr Grant Rogers | Posted: Thursday August 10, 2017

Congratulations to the following students who have received Principal’s Awards Year 7 -10 from their Mid-Year reports:

AHk - Jack Barrie, Aidan Christie, Rachel Harford, Nicholas McDowell and Emma Wood

ALi - Emily Coleman, Piper Mccale and Phoenix Best

AMa -  Zara Coleman, Bridge Hussey, Amy Jordan, Faith Manzanillo and Benjamin Williams

AMk - Sam Morrison, Katie Moginie and Meg Johnston

AMn - Louis Manzanillo, Brianna Howell, Uziah Horne, Leah Boase and Anna Barrie

APm - Conor Boase, Erin Harland-Christie, Hannah Hobbs and Molly Kate Morrison

ARj - William Eason, Quinn Foley-Smith, Libby Smith, Elsie Talbot, Phaedra Cunningham-Lucas, Courtney Howell and Brooke Dwyer

CCf - Pieta Houston, Lia Roberts, Emily Johnston, Lesh Keenan and Kate Payne

CCw - Lexie McCully, Michaela Patterson, Juandre Swanepoel, Leah Pritchard and Sam Guerin

CDe - Isabel Goad, Lucie Knox, Gus McKeown and Harrison Oliver

CHt - Ruby Lake and Amelia McKeown

CWa - Koefi Brown, Abbie Collins, Charlotte Harding, Geordie McCully, Trixie Rate, Thomas Stone, Madeleine Smith and Ashlee Roberts  

MHy - Lydia Burnett, Ryan Chambers, Chelsea Hartill-Johnston and Samara Johnston

MMc - Jana Candish-Kelliher, Lydia Rae, Marcus Furrer and Zara Glenie

MMy - Maia Mahuika, Jessica Furrer, Saskia Finlayson-Hood, Rean Lane Garcia, Daniel Gould, Kharlaya Te Rahui-Clark, Tegan Marett and Caleb Young

MRo - Elle Fraser, Robert Furrer and Rebekah Skinner

MSa - Russien Degamo, Karyln Johansen and Shianne Eccleston

MWi - Kristen Schnoveld, Amy Pennington, Milly Arras, Harlan Rae and Emma Wood

TCm - Isabella Keeley and Lila-Ana Donaldson

TKs - Olivia Auld, Rachel O'Brien, Emily Osborne, Scott Robertson, James Rowley and William Wilson

 TLd - Heidi Bolt, Greta Calvert, Tessa Orange, Rhiannon Savage, Makayla Symes and Jacob Spijkerbosch

TMe - Celeste Aguayo, Christina Boal and Lydia Hanrahan

TPl - Christine Bendsen, Mackenzie Robertson, Georgina Rowley, Lily Schwalger and Emma Renfree

TPr - Emma Rowley and Hayden Sturm

TTn - Olivia Chapman, Charlotte Rowley, Jessica Stephens, Indie Sutherland and Sophie Worner.