3rd Form Class of 1981

By Mrs Andrea Hornsby, Class of 1981, Form 3 Deavoll | Posted: Wednesday October 25, 2017

School Reunion

This Labour weekend ex students from the three classes of GHS Form 3 of 1981 meet up to have a meal and catch up on Saturday night. We were lucky enough to have had some teachers join us including Form 3 teacher of 1981 Mr Deavoll and other ex GHS teachers including Mr Hurley, Mr Minnear and Ms Lafferty. It was great to hear some of the escapades of both students and teachers.

Sunday morning some of us met at GHS for a tour around the school hosted by Matt Hornsby. After a three hour tour, including more hysterical stories from Ms Lafferty, it was time for a coffee stop.

Many thanks must go to Alison Patterson for arranging this for the ex students from 1981. It was great catching up with many we hadn't seen for decades.