From the Principal

By Mr Simon Coleman | Posted: Friday October 27, 2017

Tena koutou,

We are now into Week 2 of Term 4 and it is the business end of things for our senior students. Last week our Year 11-13 students had their practice exams which are vital for seeing where they are with each subject and it assists in the focus they require in the next 2 weeks of in-class revision as it leads into the NCEA exams.

For our junior school, they face camps in Year 7 and 8 with Year 10 students starting to make decisions about NCEA subjects for next year and in 2 weeks time they will need to take on the responsibility of school leadership as the Seniors are on leave for NCEA exams. It is an important time for Year 9 and 10 as they also head to exams later this term.

Recent Student Success

Over the break a large number of our students were involved in representative sports teams with many having success and South Island or National tournaments. To see all the details of our students, please read the article from Mrs Andrews later in this newsletter.

I would like to mention a few students in our school who have achieved to a high level in a range of areas recently.

Josh Keen - National Deerstalkers Competition

Josh in Year 12 has done exceptionally well in National Deerstalkers Competition - winning 3 awards at national level.

  • 1st antler, horn and tusk competition (Tahr)

  • 1st JM Wilkinson postal shoot

  • 1st in Thames Valley Competition (a photographic competition)

Liam Wilson - Winner of the NCEA Comedy Writing Competition TWICE!

We have a great up and coming writer in Liam Wilson of Year 11, who has now won the NCEA Comedy Writing Competition twice this year! Every week at LearnCoach, the most used NCEA tutorial site in New Zealand, $50 is awarded to an NCEA student who can write a funny one-liner about NCEA-life.

His two winning one-liners are:

"Ok teachers, remember to remind students how close the mock exams are every hour, every day, or else they might forget." - School Principal

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

If NCEA gives you Not Achieved, appeal the grade.

Emma Horn - Otago University Leadership and Academic Scholarship

Emma in Year 13 has received the Otago University Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship which is awarded to a student with high academic achievement alongside strong leadership skills. This is a prestigious award which will support Emma in her studies next year in the Medical Sciences field.

Felix Finlayson-Hood - selection for Chemistry Omnipad Training Camp

Felix in Year 12 has made it to the training camp stage for the opportunity to make the NZ Chemistry Omnipad team for next year. This is a highly competitive area with a large number of secondary students wanting to be in this.

Spring Challenge

As many of you will know from my article in the last newsletter in Term 3, on the first weekend of the holidays Geraldine held the 11th Torpedo 7 Spring Challenge, the all women adventure race. The Spring Challenge is one of the biggest in Australasia for adventure racing, where over 600 teams of three women take part in the race that includes rafting, mountain biking, hiking and orienteering. It was fantastic for our community to have held such a large event and also exciting to see a number of people we know involved. Within our school alone, we had 7 students participating and 8 staff members.

I would like to give a huge congratulations to our staff who achieved this challenge, Mrs Cathy Patterson, Mrs Andy Morrison, Mrs Rachael Linklater, Mrs Mel O’Connor, Miss Bronwyn Clarke, Ms Sally Houston, Ms Eve Meyer and Mrs Jane Voigt. Also to the students who participated; Kate Brown, Tianna Curtis, Maisie Fisher, Amelia Houston, Charlotte Stack, Brooke Dwyer and Bridget Hussey.

Geraldine High School also had a number of students volunteering. Our Outdoor Education students in Level 2 and 3 assisted at all the transition points and the rafting get out. We had a number of our Geography students helping with the brunch the day after the race; and the PTA doing food at the main transition point for all the support crews; and a group of senior girls helping out at the finish line. It was great to see all this involvement from our school and it was awesome to see the support for all of the women who were involved. The spring challenge is being held in Westport next year so I hope we have many more students and staff involved in this for 2018.

Exams and Reader Writers

As we have just had our senior practice exams last week, I would like to thank the many Reader/Writers that volunteer their time to come and work with our students. These volunteers are a great asset to our school and we are fortunate to have so many willing to do this as many schools struggle to cover this student need. Our volunteers work throughout the year assisting students not only with exams but internal work also. Should you also would like to help in the future in this area, please contact the main office so that Mrs Lisette Henry, who has done a wonderful job coordinating this in recent weeks, can go over what being a Reader/Writer entails.

New Staff - Georgia Fogerty

Following on from recent appointments, it is a pleasure to welcome our newest staff member for 2018, Ms Georgia Fogerty who will be one of our Homeroom teachers. She is heavily involved in sport, both coaching and playing, enjoys outdoor activities and has a passion for the arts. We look forward to her joining the Year 7 and 8 team next year.

Holiday work

We have had a busy holiday at school with a number of property upgrades. These have included replacing guttering, trimming trees on the High Ropes course, a full swimming pool clean ready for this term, and the painting of our Rangitata Block. Mr Mike and Cynthia Stephens have yet again done a marvelous job over our term break to get the school looking so good.

Tena koutou, Tena koutou, tena tartoe katoa.

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings to us all.