Tribute to Mrs Nicolson

By GHS Year 13 students | Posted: Friday November 20, 2015

Tribute to Mrs Nicolson from the Year 13 students

The following was the tribute read at Mrs Nicolson's Memorial Service on behalf of the GHS Year 13 students.

What an amazing year we have had, a year which was hugely influenced by your kindness and your passion towards everything we did.

You were the sympathetic ear, the one everyone felt comfortable going to with their problems. We are all so grateful for everything you have done for every single one of us.

You were so much more than just a teacher, you were a friend.

You told us, time and time again, how proud you always were of us and that meant so much.

You weren’t above getting your hands dirty and picking up rubbish, for that we admired you greatly. Above all we know you cared so much about us and everyone around you.

You were proud of being a part of Geraldine High School and you taught us to show this by taking pride in our appearance. You really cared about us and we really cared about you.

Although you hoped we didn’t notice, we all saw those few stray tears at Prize Giving practice when you knew you had to say goodbye to us and now we have to do the same for you. We are filled with the same sense of pride to have been a part of something special with you as you were that day with us.

Today we stand here, our shirts ironed, shoes polished and our Blazers neat as we know you'd expect nothing less, our hearts however filled with sadness at having to say goodbye to such a special lady. We feel honoured to have been a part of your life and as we stand here, we reflect on all the memories we have. We don't stand here out of duty but out of respect, for each and every one of our lives you touched. We will miss you Mrs Nic’ but may you always live on in each and every one of our hearts.

Our final goodbye to you Mrs Nicolson is now. We thank you immensely from the bottom of all of our very saddened hearts. The values we have come to learn from you and your passion towards all of the students at Geraldine High School will be sorely missed.

Thank you Mrs Nicolson. The pleasure of spending time with you has come to an end but the memories will live on forever in all of us. Have a safe and peaceful rest.

Forever in our hearts.

From your favourite Year 13’s, past and present.