PIA Update

By Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith | Posted: Thursday November 8, 2018

The year has finished in a flurry of activity with the classes completing their assessment days for Chainsaws, Advanced Bikes (slopes) and Animal Handling. Level 2 have completed their farm placements and Level 1 are sorting their farms for 2019.

Farm Placement Report- Patrick Foley-Smith & Ben Chambers

Patrick - I went out to Alister and Lynn Holmes's sheep, beef and deer property out at Woodbury. This was an awesome experience and I learnt so many new things and was able to undertake a huge variety of tasks such as crutching, shearing, blood testing deer, mowing, fencing, rock picking and even renovating a new farm and house among many other tasks, teaching me many new things and ultimately making me far more confident in the agricultural sector.

Ben - I went out to Richard and Jacqui Robinsons's dairy farm up the top of Pleasant Valley. This was an awesome experience and I have taken away many new skills that I will have for life. I was able to undertake a large variety of jobs on the farm, such as milking, fencing, vaccinating, bagging downer cows, tractor driving, tubing calves and sawing up wind felled willow trees among many other tasks, that taught me new things that have made me far more confident than I was at the start of the year.

We would also like to thank our other farmers-

Lucy Harrison was at Mt Somers Station with David & Kate Acland

Jacob Price with Todd Halliday Dairy in Hinds

Jakob Stachurski at Mt Peel Station with Hamish Neal

Mitchell Sowden with Brad Rogers

Jordy Muru and Olly Dowding with Port Blakely Forestry

Blake Roberts at Peel Forest Estate with Steve Blanchard

Unya Squires at Mayfield with Hein Cronje

Oakley Murphy at Mayfield with Simon Roy

Connor Hobbs at Raukapuka Dairies with Art and Anita Hendricks