Primary Industry Academy Forest Trip

By Sarah Foley-Smith - HoD PIA | Posted: Thursday July 30, 2015

Last Friday 17th July, the Year 11 class visited Blakely Pacific and Cable Logging in the Geraldine Forest.

When we arrived, we were given a safety talk and hazard identification check then the class joined the planting crew and discovered that climbing around hills and planting trees correctly is not as easy as it looks. Students planted a mini row and then were judged on a random selection — Travis Teneti, Hamish Prattley, Shiloh Mould and Rebecca Hancox all scored a perfect 10.

This was followed by a pruning demonstration and then we were away up the hill to check out the 'big boy's toys'. The whole class were able to drive a massive digger to select and lift a log, run it through the de-limber several times and place it in a pile. This was just the most amazing experience. A huge THANK YOU goes to Glen for sharing his digger with us and then having to work through his lunch break to catch up on the backlog that we created.