Primary Industry Update

By Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith | Posted: Thursday June 20, 2019

Students visited Reith’s Rakaia Hub storage facility and Van zeetan’s Lilies last week. The Lilly processing plant was in full swing for its busiest 9 weeks of the year. Rakaia has the perfect soil and climactic conditions for the lillies and the business is further complemented by having the Hub close by for freezer storage which simulates winter dormancy conditions and allows the exported bulbs to be supplied to the Northern Hemisphere ready to plant.

Reith’s Hub also contains a grading plant and huge storage sheds used for Potatoes, onions, grain & straw.

Level 2 have completed their Chainsaw assessment day at AgriLearn. A big day on the saws resulted in Jason Harford being named Top Student with Oli Keeley coming in second. All the fundraising firewood days had given all the students much needed extra practice with the general consensus being that they were the most well prepared group to go through the course. Well done.

The Grand Final team have received their competition jackets courtesy of Stacey at High Street. Lynn River have been incredible for the PIA classes this year as they have helped to further develop our brand.