Chalk Art

By Mrs Andrea Hornsby | Posted: Thursday July 4, 2019

Year 7 & 8 Friday 21st June 2019

There was great excitement on Friday 21st June as a group of Year 7 & 8 students prepared for their first try at Chalk Art outside the Library in the morning sun.

Each team or individual had planned on paper their designs to go with the theme of Kiwi Icons/Kiwiana. They were given a space to create their masterpieces and soon got to work outlining the design in white chalk. Next colour was added which may seem simple enough but they had to make sure that everything stood out and that writing was clear and easy to read. Teams worked well together and it was nice to see teams helping each other by offering advice and sharing chalk. 

Teams were judged on their initial design, cooperation, use of colour and how well it related to the topic. There was a total of 40 points available. In the end there was only 3 points separating first and third. Each student earned house points for participation and extra points if they placed.

Congratulations to all that took part and the students that placed on the day.