Year 7 Museum Trip

By Chanalee Duncan-Walter | Posted: Wednesday July 3, 2019

7Bl and 7Wi went on a trip to the South Canterbury Museum in Timaru recently to learn about our Social Studies topic, Disasters. Our guides were Keeley and Ruth. We had some free time to explore and discover the museum. We got split into groups. Each group did a play around the fire of 1868 in Timaru which started in a timber yard and burnt up most of the main street. We got to wear top hats, suits and vests and the people playing ladies got to wear dresses. That fire changed a lot about Timaru as from then on the buildings were made with stone and thoughts were changed about the safety of the town.

After this, we did some research on local disasters such as the big snow of 2006 and the South Canterbury flood of 1986.

After that, we went to the Timaru Public Library and got split into three groups. Each group went into the basement, where they have kept every single Timaru Herald ever made, and did a scavenger hunt through the newspaper to find an event. We also learnt about how the process of making newspapers has changed over time. As well as that, there was a computer quiz on the website Te Ara and we learnt about the ships in the harbor in 1882. Our final activity involved making a disaster fort to withstand a hurricane. We had cardboard boxes, plastic bolts and screwdrivers.

Finally, we went to Caroline Bay, where we played on the playground and had some hot chips.