The 'No Laughing Me Publications' Book Launch 2019

By Mr Mike Deavoll | Posted: Friday December 6, 2019

For most of Term 4 the students of ‘No Laughing Me Publications', that is the students doing the art based programme from Te Whare Ako, have been rehearsing their presentation launch of their two new books, 'The Animals return – Back to the Zoo', and ‘Counting in Maori to 22'. As you all know the events of the 7th and 8th of December meant that five students, their family and friends and other supporters north of the Rangitata were unable to attend the book launch. We were very sad about this, as the event was a real celebration of all the students work. To Lachie, Megan, Nicole, Fergus and Jessica congratulations on your stunning work. The audience were delighted and impressed with the contributions you made to both books. I will be doing a No Laughing Me road trip next week to deliver your gifts. I will email or ring you about that. If any of your family and friends want some books you can contact me via the email below and I will deliver them at the same time as I deliver your gifts.

Because of the unique circumstances that stopped you being there, we are going to hold another event during the early part of Term 1 2020 where everyone can attend. Details of that are still being worked out. But we will all celebrate together, as it should have been, if all that rain had not come down.

The event itself was awesome. I would like to thank all those parents, grandparents and friends who came out and supported our very talented students, by being there and buying their great books. How do you buy a book now? Simple! They are available from the Geraldine High School Office, if open. Or Just email me [email protected] and arrange a purchase. Or if you are a member of Geraldine Buy, Sell & Swap noticeboard you can make contact with us through that.

They are excellent reading for young readers and would make wonderful Christmas presents. Remember that all profits go to future projects for students doing the art based programme from Te Whare Ako. All books are $20.00 each.

Mr D would like to thank everyone who helped make the launch a stunning success. Congratulations to all our students. Have a great holiday and a very happy Christmas.