Science News

By Ms Adele Quinn | Posted: Friday December 6, 2019

Another busy year in the Science Department

Thank you

A big thank you to Mel O’Connor who has been our Science Technician for a number of years now and done an amazing job of it. She has brought in systems that have refined how we work and increased our efficiency. Mel’s support of our teachers has been massive and hugely appreciated. We look forward to Mel staying in our department in 2020 but being a part of our teaching team, as our specialist Chemistry teacher.

Science Badges

Science badges have taken off with a large number of Year 7 and 8 students, and even some Year 10's gaining one or more badges this year. This is a great thing for students to involve themselves in and reflects interest, perseverance and initiative. Congratulations to:

Rueben Hancox - Technology

Chanalee Walter-Duncan - Psychology

Billy Vincent - Paleontology

Lily Christensen - Paleontology

Ella McDowell - Meteorology

Hunter Wilson - Geology

Finley Fulton - Forensics

Lily Jones - Forensics

Jonny Simpson - Forensics

Zac Allen - Forensics

Benjamin Jordan - Energy

Chloe Newport - Astronomy, Investigation and Large Animals

Senadi Kariyawasam -

Senadi also gained a bronze star badge as she has completed 5.

Home Chemistry, Human Biology, Large Animals, Investigation, Paleontology, Astronomy and Bronze Star badge

Rean Lane Garcia - Human Biology and Botany (from 2018)

Anu Gamage - Paleontology and Astronomy (from 2018)

Phoebe Cooper - Investigation

Leah Boase - Forensics and Paleontology

Bella Keeley - Sport Science and Forensics

Rueben Hancox from 8Cl worked very hard to complete his Technology Science Badge. I can see a bright future ahead of you Rueben. Keep up the hard work!

Science Snacks

These have also been popular, especially in Year 9. Students get to pick a “Snack of Science” that interests them and complete a certificate. These link Science to other subjects such as food technology, film, writing, environmental type projects, design, technology, photography, Maori culture and history and more.

A quick reflection on the year!

We have covered a wide range of Science and Technology related topics in our Science classes this year.

From rockets to squishy circuits, to dissections, forensics, checking out the Waihi River, seniors teaching juniors, rocket racers in Year 11, rongoa in Year 10, microbiology (and a visitor), to factors that affect plant growth, technology and biology, astronomy, Science Fair and investigations, EPro8 Challenge, physics and links to everyday life, chemistry and applied uses and so the list goes on.

Some photos below for you to see!

We look forward to next year and what we can improve on to continue to increase engagement and make Science accessible to all.