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Geraldine High School is a well-resourced school in a stunning environment that is a credit to the far-sighted people involved in establishing the school, firstly as a district high school and then, in 1963, as a rural full-status high school from Form I (Year 7). The magnificent “green” spaces and the fine trees and gardens which surround the school are impressive.

The school also has an enviable reputation for a history of strong service to its community.

We have an on-going commitment to continue being a well-resourced school which meets the needs of our students in the 21st century. However, as government budget constraints limit the funds available to improve our facilities, the school needs to raise significant funds from other sources.

We need you! It is our hope that, as members of the Geraldine High School community, our Alumni group of past students will take this opportunity to give back to their school and contribute to ensuring that Geraldine High School continues to educate our young people to make a positive contribution to the well-being of our community and New Zealand.

Giving Back

Geraldine High School Trust

To help ensure the potential of our students continues to be realised, this trust was established in 1996 to manage the investment of funds obtained from school fundraising and community donations. The Trust’s board manages the funds prudently to ensure that the capital is secure and that income derived from this is used to assist the school to enhance its facilities and staffing. To date contributions from the Geraldine High School Trust in excess of $80,000 have been made for the purchase of computers and extension of the school’s computer network, solar heating of the swimming pool and the purchase of student lockers and musical instruments.

The current board is:

  • Mr Mark Mulligan (Chair)
  • Mr Simon Coleman (Ex officio)
  • Mr Damon O'Brien
  • Mrs Sally Prattley (Ex officio)
  • Mr Will Polson
  • Ms Liz Nattrass

The trust is focussed on the need to build a strong capital base to support the school and its robust and trusted profile offer an excellent option for giving to the school. Enquiries about donations to the trust, or any questions you may have, should be directed to the Chair, Mr Mark Mulligan at [email protected] or by mail C/- Geraldine High School, 93 McKenzie Street, Geraldine.

For more information about gifting please visit:

Bequests and Legacies

The easiest way to create a lasting legacy is to include a bequest for Geraldine High School in your Will.
All bequests to the school will be placed in the Geraldine High School Trust and the income or capital will be directed to the school in accordance with the benefactor’s wishes. These wishes can be general or quite specific.

For more information please visit:

Scholarships and Prizes

The Principal, Mr Simon Coleman would be pleased to discuss any scholarship opportunities for our students leaving school for tertiary study or trade-related training.
Perhaps you may wish to provide a prize for a student in an area of interest to you, whether academic, cultural or sporting. Please contact Simon by either emailing him at [email protected] or by telephoning the school office on 03 693 0017.

PTA Fundraising

Animal Rearing

Is yours a farming family? Would you perhaps consider raising livestock (calf, lamb etc) with proceeds from its sale going to Geraldine High School?

Student Related Assistance

Does your business hire apprentices? We are keen to hear about any opportunities which may be of interest to our students.

Could your business offer work experience or opportunities for students undertaking our Gateway programme?

Do you have business skills which are relevant to mentor our Young Enterprise students?

Could you be a coach or team manager for one of our many and varied sports teams or would you be able to offer opportunities to students to experience a new sport or skill?

Do you have an under-used musical instrument (violin,cello,flute, guitar etc) which you might like to gift to the school for a student learning?

Do you have anything else you may be able to offer or any other suggestions you might like to make.........?