Geraldine High School boasts a highly qualified, dedicated staff to guide and support students in their learning across all levels.

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Senior Leadership Team
Heads of Department
Teaching Staff
Support Staff

Mr Mark Romans

HoD Mentoring and Careers Dean

Ms Eliza Williams

Pastoral Dean and Year 12 & 13 Dean, HoD Drama

Miss Bronwyn Clark

Year 10 Dean and Tripp House Dean, Assistant HOD Technology

Mr Kit Silcock

Year 7 & 8 Dean and Cox House Dean, Year 7 & 8 Homeroom

Mr Kieran Blogg

Year 9 Dean and MacDonald House Dean, Physical Education & Health

Ms Maria Heitkonig

Year 11 Dean and Acland House Dean, English

Mr Mark Mackenzie

Design & Visual Communication and Technology

Mrs Trudy Sanders

Year 7 & 8 Homeroom, Assistant HoD Year 7 & 8

Mrs Sylvia Watson

South Canterbury Itinerant Music Coordinator

Mrs Ellie Deans

School Secretary (On Leave 2017)

Mrs Bronwyn Hawkins

Geraldine Schools Transport Network Manager

Mrs Anne Rawson

School Social Worker, Attendance Officer

Mrs Anna Jaine

Learning Assistant (On Leave 2017)