Pastoral System

Geraldine High School places significant emphasis on the pastoral care of all students, encompassing aspects of personal, emotional, social and behavioural development. Everyone is supported to participate and achieve success in their learning and living at school underpinned by PB4L. Our school is a safe, inclusive and happy place in which to work and learn, with our Values in evidence in all aspects of school life. Our students gain leadership and service skills and experiences in order to contribute to their school, community and beyond. Our school nurtures and celebrates success through a varied and exciting co-curricular programme, and everyone is confident to participate to the very best of their ability.

Personnel involved in the Geraldine High School pastoral system include:

  • Vertical Form Teacher
  • Year Level Dean
  • House Dean
  • Guidance Counsellor – Mr Mark Hayward [email protected]
  • Social Worker / Attendance Officer – Mrs Anne Rawson [email protected]
  • Careers Dean - Mrs Anita Body - [email protected] 
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Class teachers

Together, all school personnel provide a comprehensive support service for students and their families where appropriate.


Positive Behaviour for Learning is a school wide system for teaching and rewarding expected behaviour, with consistent consequences if expectations are not met. It is a nationwide programme called SWPB4L. The expectations are stated in terms of our values and applied school wide. See the Matrix for our expectations.

Students are rewarded for demonstrating our values and meeting expectations. A Merit Voucher is given when a student is "caught being good", and in multiples of 10, postcards are sent home to tell parents that their child is a great GHS citizen. Each term a draw is held for a prize that anyone with Merit Vouchers can win.