Vertical Form

The care network begins with the vertical form teacher. Each student belongs to a vertical form group which meets for a short time each day, to touch base with the vertical form teacher and the other students in this small group. Everyone is looking out for each other in this daily meeting.

The vertical form teachers are fully supported by the year level deans and the senior leadership team. The deans move with their year level and, like the vertical form teacher, get to know the individuals in their year group very well over the years. The deans may function in an advisory, mentoring, counselling or disciplinary role depending on the needs of the individual. Students may be referred by the form or subject teachers or may self-refer if they have an issue that requires support or advice.

The aims of this system are for:

  • Building long-term relationships, as students are with their form teacher and each other for their entire time at Geraldine High School
  • Promoting peer support and peer mentoring
  • Providing opportunities for student leadership
  • Allowing guidance for careers and future subject planning
  • Form teacher involvement in student pastoral care through active mentoring
  • Small numbers in each form class
  • Building identity as a House
  • Counselling in careers and subject selection
  • Students to self-assess on the ‘key competencies’
  • Deans’ access to students
  • Monitored and active reading through DEAR and Buddy Reading