English at Geraldine High School is an essential course for all students as the skills taught underpin all academic learning.

Reading and writing literacy is fundamental for immediate success and life-long learning.  These essential skills are first established from an early age at primary school and are then built on throughout the years of compulsory education at increasingly sophisticated levels.

The ability to read effectively, comprehend what is written, think critically and problem solve are essential for successful twenty first century living and are fostered in our English programmes through activities that see learners work individually and collaboratively on reading, writing, research tasks and speaking activities in contexts as authentic as we can possibly make them.

The skills gained lie at the heart of all learning – if you cannot read and write you cannot do mathematics, science or any of the other subjects required to be part of a knowledge economy. The ability to have the skills to be a life-long learner is essential.

Our English courses are also important in assisting students to gain university entrance qualifications and the qualifications expected for a range of vocational pathways.

Geraldine High School students have a reputation as literate, confident and competent workers who can and do contribute to society in a range of positive ways.

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