Digital Curriculum (BYOD)

At Geraldine High School we encourage students to engage in technology to prepare them for the realities and expectations of future vocational pathways and career choices.


Technology is not only a part of life, but also a tool to assist our students to become life-long learners.  We encourage our students to gain the skills to be flexible with a range of technology and take pride in seeing many of them now actively involved in the community assisting in events or assisting others in engaging with technology.  Many students enrol at Geraldine High School having been introduced to the BYOD process from their previous schools. For others, it will be a new aspect to their education and it can be a financially challenging aspect to families.

We are always happy to talk with you about your decisions of supplying your child with their own device and are exploring options to make it financially manageable for our families.

The two most common types of devices used at Geraldine High School are Chromebooks and laptops/notebooks.


These lower-cost devices run Google’s own software and rely on the internet to do pretty much everything, including storing files and running basic Google apps. They may not be able to run non-Google applications. Chromebooks may not be appropriate for senior students due to software requirements for some courses but can work well in the Junior years.


Laptops and notebooks are much the same thing. Notebooks are small laptops with screens sizes of 11 to 14 inches, meaning that they are suitably lightweight for younger students. Laptops particularly suit senior students using specialist software packages and who are likely to take the device on to tertiary education. Like most ‘thin and light’ designs, these devices probably won’t include a DVD drive. Instead you can buy this as an additional tool that gets plugged into your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a new device for my child when they begin at Geraldine High School?

No. Our school system will cater for most devices. If your child has already used a device at another school it should be appropriate at Geraldine High School as well.

Will other students use my child’s device?

Your child’s device is a valuable tool. Other students should not be using it at any time throughout the day.

Is a phone an appropriate device?

Phones are too small to be efficient devices for students to complete the sort of work done in class. Phones may encourage students to focus on their own personal social networks rather than on the set classwork.

Are there any controls available to manage screen time for my child?

Yes there are a range of realistically priced parental control apps available online that parents can choose to implement in their homes for their families and whanau.

Will my child’s device be covered by the school’s insurance?

No it won’t - this will need to be arranged through your own provider. We would recommend a 3-year warranty as part of the purchase price.

What if my child does not have their own device?

At Geraldine High School we continue to cater for all students and recognise the financial pressures and personal family decisions that may mean that not all students will have their own device. Students at Geraldine High School have access to some chrome books and laptops for classroom use when they are essential for tasks. We do encourage all students to have their own device where possible. Please contact our Hauora Hub for assistance.