Our Zone

Geraldine High School operates an enrolment scheme. Students residing within the school's zone have the absolute right to enrol. The Board of Trustees will determine, each year, whether it will offer any places for out of zone enrolments.

Priorities for Enrolment

  1. Students residing within the zone 

  2. Siblings of current students of GHS

  3. Siblings of former students of GHS

  4. Children of former students of GHS

  5. Children of Board members or Board employees of GHS

  6. Any other applicants 

At all year levels those students living in the home zone, first priority students, are guaranteed enrolment at the school. 

For first priority students, the usual place of residence must be within the home zone. The Board of Trustees will require proof of residency within the home zone. 

Where there are more applicants than available places, a ballot will be held to determine which applicants will be offered places in the school. This ballot will only apply to applicants under priorities two, three, four, five or six. Priority one applicants are guaranteed a place in the school. 

Bus pick up/drop off locations are determined by the Ministry of Education's transport entitlement. All students who require bus transportation will be designated a pick up/drop off location when they enrol with the school. 

 Enrolment Zone Map shared2

Full Enrolment Zone Map

Enrolment Zone Map