The Geraldine High School Library is both a learning place and a social space that provides support for students and staff to read, research, collaborate, and create.

The School values the Library as a safe and inclusive environment for all our students.

The Library is open Monday to Friday and is staffed by a full-time librarian. Our Library is supported by trained student librarians before school and during both break-times. Students are encouraged to volunteer so that they can gain experience in customer service and all aspects of operating and utilising a library.

Our library management system, Accessit, is easy to use, sophisticated, and full of features that our students and staff enjoy. Students and staff have access to their own personal portals that are accessible online. Our collection includes current digital resources that meet the educational needs of all subjects, plus a collection of more than 7,000 electronic and printed books. Our students are encouraged to request titles to be added to our collections; in fact, the majority of books we acquire are student-selected. The Library also provides chromebooks which may be hired by students. 

 The Geraldine High School Library can be accessed at any time and from any Wi-Fi location by visiting online:

Open: Monday to Friday

Librarian: Ms Joanne Fraser -

Phone: 03 693 0017, ext 7207



Online Library