Bring Your Own Device

Many students’ lives today are filled with media that gives them mobile access to information and resources 24/7. Outside school, students are free to pursue their interest in their own way and at their own pace. The opportunities are limitless, borderless, and instantaneous. In an effort to put students at the centre and empower them to take control of their own learning, Geraldine High School will allow students to use personal technology devices, as a privilege not a necessity. Students wishing to participate must follow the responsibilities stated in the BYOD Agreement.

Supporting Procedures:

Device Types

For the purpose of this programme, the word “device” means a privately owned wireless and/or portable electronic piece of equipment that includes laptops, netbooks, tablets/slates, ipod Touches, cell and smart phones. As a guide to choosing a suitable device for your student, consider their age and subject choices, as well as what they will use the device for. The Device Choice guide may be of assistance.

NOTE: Smart phones (iPhone, etc) are not ideal mobile devices for most functions at school. The use of phones for personal use during break times is not permitted. This policy is intended to encourage physical activity and face-to-face communication, and to limit opportunities for cyber bullying while at school.


Young people need to learn to be responsible users of technology. As a PB4L school, our values are practiced every day. This applies online and in person. We have developed a guideline for students to do the right thing and apply our values to the use of technology. This is our Digital Citizen Matrix.

Students have also completed a course on digital citizenship, which can be reinforced at home.

Please take time to look at information on cyber bullying.

Office 365 Student Advantage

The Student Advantage programme grants students 5 free copies of the Office suite 2016 to use on their personal Windows or Mac devices.

Students and parents can access Office 365 applications on their devices by following the details on the attached sheet. 

Downloading Office on Personal Devices