Along with the New Zealand curriculum (2007) Geraldine High School’s Health and Physical Education programmes embodies the school’s vision.

Taking responsibility, developing knowledge, respecting values and accepting change and challenges through resilience strategies are at the core of our teaching.

We want students to leave HPE with the competencies and positive attitudes to live a full and active lifestyle.

The HPE department firmly believe that as students take responsibility for their own well being, they will then take action to promote further wellbeing in the communities that they are part of. Hauora/wellbeing is one of the underlying concepts of the HPE curriculum.

A student who has successfully completed a HPE programme at Geraldine High School will not only continue to be (physically) active, but they will become a confident, connected life-long learner who will understand their physical and mental wellbeing.

They will be ready to contribute to the world!

Tama tu tama ora, tama noho tama mate.

An active person will remain healthy while a lazy one will become sick.