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It is essential that everyone maintains the hygiene standards that we all followed so effectively when we were in lockdown. This means that handwashing, especially after toileting, is a must. We will be providing hand sanitiser in each classroom and there will be some protocols in place around using equipment. These protocols will be explained by the classroom teacher - some subjects will have more procedures than others due to the types of equipment they use.

There will not be strict physical distancing, rather it is encouraged to distance where possible and we will focus on good hygiene practices, regular cleaning, and giving everyone “breathing space”. You shouldn’t be close enough to someone to be able to breathe in their air. The most important things you can do are keep washing your hands, cough safely, and keep surfaces clean.

Travelling on the School Bus

Students will need to use the hand sanitiser as they enter the bus and then proceed to their allocated seat. Please remember Hi Viz vests are expected to be worn by all bus students.

Visitors to the School

If you need to come on to school grounds you will need to come into the office first to be signed in. This is no different from our usual practice. What will be different is the number of visitors we can have in our reception at one time. We are limiting this to one - unless you are in the same family bubble. If you see someone already waiting in the reception area please wait outside. It is recommended that visitors maintain social distancing as much as possible. If you need to meet with someone on staff it is preferred that you make an appointment first. You can do this by calling the office on 693 0017.

Drink bottles

It is important that your child brings their own drink bottle to school and does not share with anyone else. Water is available to refill bottles but water fountains are out of service.

More information available on the Government Covid site: