At Geraldine High School we offer senior students the flexibility to learn about possible career pathways through our Gateway and STAR programmes, and to access specialist subjects through Te Kura (correspondence school).

Our Gateway programme caters for Year 12 and 13 students and combines work placements with classroom learning dedicated to an individual student’s chosen career pathway. We have fantastic support from a wide range of businesses and organisations who generously open their doors and share their knowledge and expertise with our students, giving them access to an extensive selection of career experiences.

Through our STAR programme, senior students can also access courses which provide them with a variety of learning opportunities to support engagement, achievement and successful transition to further study and employment.

Geraldine High School students can also access a varied selection of subjects through our dual enrolment agreement with Te Kura (correspondence school). This allows students to pursue specialist subjects which complement their learning programme and might not be able to be offered within our normal teaching and learning programme.

All three options provide our students with the flexibility and options to make meaningful school subject choices which are engaging and relevant, and support them in their journey beyond our school gates.