Te Reo Maori

Learning a language encourages students to open their minds to the world around them and enriches them with opportunities.

How Languages can benefit your child?

Economic Benefits

- Cross cultural and communicative competence coming from learning a language will be an advantage to students who go on to study or work overseas.

- Developing a proficiency in a different language will be important in New Zealand’s export and tourism business.



Learning Benefits

- Learning a language gives students a better understanding of their first language.

- There are cognitive benefits which cross over to other subjects.

- There is huge personal satisfaction in learning in a language and it is a fun experience.

Culture and Identity Benefits

- Learning a language gives students an understanding of another culture and of a different worldview. It allows them to learn how to be outside their cultural “comfort zone” and to develop positive attitudes to difference.

Social and Societal Benefits

- Learning a language helps students learn the Key Competencies of Relation to others and Managing self, as well as giving them the confidence to make mistakes and take risks.

- Cross-cultural skills will be necessary for all New Zealanders as our country continues to diversify culturally and we welcome increasing numbers of tourists, students and migrants from other countries.