Geraldine High School respects the cultural diversity of our community and we offer a range of languages. Learning a language encourages students to open their minds to the world around them and enriches them with opportunities.

How Languages can benefit your child?

Economic Benefits

- Cross cultural and communicative competence coming from learning a language will be an advantage to students who go on to study or work overseas.

- Developing a proficiency in a different language will be important in New Zealand’s export and tourism business.



Learning Benefits

- Learning a language gives students a better understanding of their first language.

- There are cognitive benefits which cross over to other subjects.

- There is huge personal satisfaction in learning in a language and it is a fun experience.

Culture and Identity Benefits

- Learning a language gives students an understanding of another culture and of a different worldview. It allows them to learn how to be outside their cultural “comfort zone” and to develop positive attitudes to difference.

Social and Societal Benefits

- Learning a language helps students learn the Key Competencies of Relation to others and Managing self, as well as giving them the confidence to make mistakes and take risks.

- Cross-cultural skills will be necessary for all New Zealanders as our country continues to diversify culturally and we welcome increasing numbers of tourists, students and migrants from other countries.

What languages do we offer?

Year 7 & 8

  • Te Reo
  • German

Year 9 & 10

  • Te Reo
  • German
  • French

Year 11 - 13

  • Te Reo
  • German
  • French
  • Latin






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