Office Wrap Up 2023

Office Wrap Up 2023

Stationery Lists

Please order your stationery for next year via this link:

Notify the school if not returning in 2024

If you are not returning to Geraldine High School in 2024, please notify the office. Class roles are being finalised and this will help us to confirm numbers.

Bus Registrations

If you are registering to take a bus or change buses for 2024, please contact Mrs Hawkins.

Start dates for 2024

Tuesday 30 January - Year 12 students who need to confirm courses or want to change a subject need to come to the common room at 1.30-2.30.

Wednesday 31 January -  Year 13 Leadership Day (11am - 3pm). Year 13 students who need to confirm courses will be contacted. Any who want to change a subject need to come to the common room at 10.30.

Thursday 1 February -  Year 7 & Peer Support 8.45am-3pm. 

New enrolees of other year levels to be at school at 8.45am. They will be released from school at 12pm.

Friday 2 February Term 1 begins - Whole school beginning with Powhiri 8.40am


Please follow us on Facebook because that’s where short notices will be posted. Our newsletter is sent to your email address so please make sure the address(s) you provide are ones that you check regularly. For super important information we will text you so again it is imperative that your contact information is up to date.

Posted Tuesday December 5, 2023