Studying music at GHS provides students with the skills to manage themselves, work collaboratively and to become creative, life-long learners.

Throughout the course, students develop their fundamental performance skills on a variety of instruments, compose their own music, are exposed to a variety of contemporary and traditional styles, and learn to use modern technologies that equip them for today’s modern music industry.

We have a team of itinerant tutors who provide specialist tuition on a variety of instruments for students to pick from.

Students demonstrate their talents in our performance opportunities throughout the year, such as Choice. There are also a range of opportunities for students to extend themselves out of school, with many of our students succeeding in national competitions such as RockQuest, The Big Sing and Play-It-Strange.

Once they reach NCEA, students are able to specialize in their own area of musical interest, and have the freedom to develop their own creative voice in a safe and supportive space. Studying music at GHS allows students to take part in today’s music industry, continue their learning at a tertiary level, and have a rich and rewarding life of musical involvement.

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