Mathematics teaches students how to become problem solvers.

It provides opportunity to explore scenarios and develop the ability to think logically, create models, predict outcomes and reflect on findings to better understand and thrive in the world in which they live.

In both Year 9 and 10 there is a common course where we cover three main strands; Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics. Learning occurs through solving both hypothetical and real-life problems which is at the heart of Mathematics.

We encourage cooperative learning and aim to make connections with other subject areas. An example of this is in Year 10 where we join with Science to research, design, test, calculate, and build a water carrier which could be used in a developing country.

When students reach Years 11 and 12 we provide courses which give the students choice to tailor the standards they sit according to their interests and ability. In Year 13 students have the chance to specialise in either Calculus or Statistics (or both!) depending on their future pathway.